Kairos is a Greek word that means "a propitious moment for action," or "the appointed time in the purposes of God."  Kairos is the word Jesus used to inaugurate His ministry, in Mark 1:15 for example: "The time is fulfilled (kairos), and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel."  

I believe we have arrived at a kairos moment for the church.  Social unrest, political polarization, family stress, cultural confusion, and the lack of confidence in once trusted institutions (media, government, and academia) has our culture dangerously adrift.  As so many are looking for truth, direction, stability, meaning, purpose, and significance, a great opportunity-- a kairos moment --has been created for the church of Jesus Christ.  

God is at work, a movement of the Spirit is coming, and Highline Community Church is uniquely positioned in this kairos moment: to lead men, women, and children into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ; to be a safe harbor in the midst of this cultural and societal storm; to provide a picture of the Kingdom of God breaking into the world; to point our community to the hope we have in the only One who can restore what is broken and indeed, the One who intends to make All Things New.  This is our kairos moment.

Kairos 2021: The Time is Now is a church-wide initiative to explore this kairos moment and the role each of us has in helping Highline step forward in faith and provide the resources-- in time, treasure, and gifts ---to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  We need everyone in!  

I am asking our entire church family to be in prayer for this Kairos initiative and to commit, as much as possible, to being present in worship August 29 - October 3 (watching online if necessary) with an eager expectation, and to sincerely ask the Lord what He would have you do in support of the mission of your church-- for His glory!

I can't wait to see what God will do through us!

- Pastor Brian

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