Highline Kids 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We love kids at Highline Community Church!  
Helping families on their journey with God in His kingdom

At Highline Kids, we want to help families on their journey with God. Every family is at a different place in that journey. Some may just be starting out, other have found great ways to disciple their kids. Our desire is to partner with parents and grandparents and come alongside your family in their faith journey.

Every Sunday, we want to give families the chance to worship God together—wiggles and all. We understand the value in kids seeing their parents and grandparents worshipping God.
Right before the sermon, the kids head to kid’s church where they get a Bible-focused lesson taught on their level. This includes time for fun and games and activities that help them absorb the Bible lesson. We also have take-home content for the whole family so parents can have an active role in what their kids are learning.

Sunday Mornings


Families are encouraged to begin the worship service together in the worship center, singing songs with the entire church family.  We love having kids in worship, wiggles and all, and know that they’re learning how to worship from watching their parents and others.  

Just before the sermon, children are invited to go to Children’s Church where they will explore the same Bible passage and topic as the rest of the church— just at a level that is easier for them to engage and understand.  After about 45 minutes, the kids are brought back into the worship center to sing closing song and receive a blessing with their families.