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The Eagle has Landed!


These were the first words uttered by Neil Armstrong after the Apollo 11 mission landed on the moon in 1969. The full quotation is “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” I remember watching this historic event on television at my best friend’s house. I also remember the words, “One small step for man…one huge step for mankind.” Although most of the world will not take notice, for those of us at Highline Community Church who have been on the journey to find a church home, Sunday, May 31, was the day “the Eagle” landed. One small step for mankind…one huge step for the men and women of what we refer to as “Team Highline”.


Maybe I should say, “The Bozos Landed!” We have a little joke at Highline based on the title of an old comedy album from the ‘60s titled “I think we are all bozos on this bus.” I think it is a great paraphrase of what the Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Romans: “For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.” At Highline, we take God seriously, and ourselves not so seriously. It is our observation that many churches get the two confused.   We believe in Jesus. We teach the Bible. We worship together in an informal atmosphere. We seek to be a community of men and women who care for each other. We attempt to do our part in changing the world by serving Christ and his Kingdom. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to come check us out!

– Dr. Bob Beltz

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